Blog #4: ACM-W

Hello! My name is Caroline Arnold and I have previously posted about the female scientist, Grace Hopper, and about comparing the computer scientists Alan Turning and Grace Hopper. I am writing this blog for my Freshman Seminar class called “Beauty and Brains- Women in the Sciences.”

Last week I presented to my class about an organization called ACM-W, which stands for Association for Computer Machinery for women. This organization was formed in the late 1980s as a branch or sub-organization of ACM, which was founded in 1947. This organization currently consists of 15,005 members. It also consists of the ACM-W council and the ACM-W executive board. The primary mission of ACM-W is to celebrate, inform, and support women in computing and to improve working and learning environments for women. It also allows the representation of women in computer science to be more equal and fair.

Considering that Grace Hopper was a female computer scientist, I definitely think it is likely that she would belong to this organization. She faced many hardships being a female in the computer science field, however, always put up a strong fight and gave one hundred percent to her work. I believe Grace Hopper would join this organization to help spread information about females in the computer science field and to encourage other females to peruse this career. She would be an excellent and effective member of the ACM-W because this organization definitely supports her views and interests.


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