Assignment 4- Grace Hoppers: A True Role Model

I view Grace Hoppers, the female computer scientist who I chose to research, as a true role model and inspiration for many reasons. She had strong a passion and incredible dedication to her work as a computer scientist and Navy lieutenant. She was devoted to her jobs and tasks throughout her entire life. She was willing to give one hundred percent to prove her point. For example, the male co-workers that Grace worked with believed it would be impossible for Grace to invent the computer programming system, “COBOL.” However, after much time and dedication spent, she was able to pull through and create, “COBOL,” which resulted to be a remarkable invention that is still used today! Grace is an inspiration and should be admired for serving in the US Navy in the 1940s during World War II. Hoppers also served from 1967-1986 because the Navy was so impressed by her work and intelligence so they decided to reactivate her. When she retired from the Navy in 1986, at age 80, she was recognized as the oldest active duty officer in the U.S. Navy. Grace had a great love for her country. She was also a very intelligent and outstanding leader. Grace Hoppers should be qualified as a true role model to all women.


Grace Hoppers received over 65 awards and honors in her lifetime. Here is a list of some of Hopper’s major recognitions:

  •   1946—Naval Ordinance Development Award
  •   1962—Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  •   1964—Society of Women Engineers, SWE Achievement Award
  •   1968—Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Philadelphia Section Achievement Award
  •   1969—Data Processing Mgmt. Assoc., Computer Science “Man Of The Year” Award
  •   1970—American Federation of Information Processing Societies, Harry Goode Memorial Award
  •   1972—Wilbur Lucas Cross Medal, Yale University
  •   1972—Fellow, Association of Computer Programmers and Analysts
  •   1973—Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society
  •   1976—Honorary Doctor of Science, Pratt Institute
  •   1980—Navy Meritorious Service Medal
  •   1983—Federally Employed Women Achievement Award
  • 1983—Living Legacy Award, Women’s International Center, San Diego



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